Winkelstraat.nl launches world’s first wearable NFT.

Welcome to the future. One that’s fueled by crypto’s and NFT’s, ruled by the new luxury crowd. It all takes place digitally, but not for much longer. We’re taking it back to the physical realm.

The first wearable NFT artwork dubbed the NFT(EE), created in collaboration with multidisciplinary artist @GabBois. Blurring the lines between luxury fashion and technology, this T-shirt, is connected to an AR filter that brings the NFT artwork to life.


Online Auction

On December 15, 2021, we will auction a one off NFT drop of Gab Bois artwork on Opensea.io. This is your chance to place a bid and own a piece of history.

NFT(ee) #001

We will also be dropping a limited run of 500 NFT(EE)'s. While there will only be one official owner of the NFT, with the NFT001.jpg (Organic Organs) limited run you can experience the artwork for yourself. Think of it as a lifetime ticket to your very own wearable art gallery.

Experience the NFT(EE) artwork for yourself.

*Don’t know what a NFT is? It’s the culmination of art, culture and the digitalization of modern day society. A Non Fungible Token that gives you complete ownership of a digital artwork.